Imagine having the experience of diving in the pink water of a large coral reef with all the amazing marine life. You could feel totally exhilarated as you experience the scuba diving in Phi Phi Thailand. If you would like to learn more, check this out

The best part of scuba diving in Phi Phi Thailand is that it is ideal for anyone who loves water sports. It is quite the same to go scuba diving in Thailand’s popular island destinations.

So, there is no reason why you should not go enjoy this underwater experience with your family and friends. You will be able to enjoy the water while the rest of the world looks on with a wide smile.

If you are thinking of diving, here are some recommendations for where to go when visiting Phi Phi and other coral reef destinations. These recommended locations are far from hotels and have excellent facilities and most importantly, friendly services of local dive centers.

Phu Pho Reef, is located off the south coast of Phu Pho Bay in the north of Phi Pho. At the depths of 500 meters, this is one of the best diving spots in Phi Phi.

They are renowned for their beautiful clear water and coral reef that make this an ideal diving destination. Phu Pho Reef is home to several species of marine life including a large number of marine species including sharks, parrot fish, barracuda, spinner sharks, and catfish.

One of the most popular dive sites in Phi Phi is Ko Tao, located a short distance from the beach at Ko Ao Bay. This is a great diving site because there are a variety of sea creatures including small to large schooling fish, a variety of fish that are less than two meters in length, as well as several species of snapper and marlins.

Amongst the many recommended dive sites in Phi Phi, the Blue Hole is also an excellent place to spend a holiday diving. This is a large shallow hole in a tropical environment and has beautiful azure waters that provide divers a tranquil and enjoyable diving experience.

There are several other recommended dive sites in Phi Phi such as the Nang Ko Reef, the Phu Wo White Tiger Point, the Keo Sai Reef, and the Manaiya reef. These sites also offer diving activities for divers of all levels.

If you are looking for some of the most spectacular scuba diving in Phi Phi Thailand, the nearby Pak Muang and Chiang Khoi reefs are recommended. These scuba diving destinations are ideal for novice and advanced divers alike and provide the perfect settings for scuba diving holidays.

To add to the fun of scuba diving in Phi Phi Thailand, there are numerous other activities and sights to see and enjoy. If you are going to stay in Phi Phi, it is advisable to book accommodation in the surrounding areas because Phi Phi is far away from everything else in the area.

So, whether you are visiting Phi Phi for a holiday or you are already there, don’t forget to consider your scuba diving adventure in Phi Phi Thailand! If you are a beginner to the underwater world, this is an excellent place to start.